• The Adventures Of Susann The Robot

    Interactive Walkabout Show

  • With LOGO.jpg



    Interactive Street Show

  • Venus Lounge Website Image Vertical smal

    Venus Lounge

    Immersive Venue

  • Charlie Brown Website image Vertical.png

    Charlie Brown's Speakeasy

    Immersive Venue

  • Chronyko Website Image alt.png


    Immersive Custom Made Event

  • A6 RITE 17 front.jpg

    The Room In The Elephant

    Meta Comedy Show

  • 1911803_532208706888626_7236671908049693

    Buddism: Is it just for losers?

    Comedy Show (Inconvenient Spoof)

  • Hackfu

    Immersive Hacking Event/Game

  • Quantum Bender vertical small.jpg

    Quantum Bender

    Interactive Experience

  • A6 Fake Rialto front.jpg

    Fake Hip Gnosis

    Abstract Comedy Show

  • copperdollar poster final.jpg

    Copperdollar Studios Weekend

    Fringe Venue

  • Fit to size

    Interactive Walkbout

  • CAEDO INC. .jpg


    (early work)

    Interactive Experience

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