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Seemingly set in a garden shed, this provocative comedy begins with two young men struggling to come up with ideas for a show they are performing the following week.  They decide. that the show will be an exact re-creation of the conversation they are currently having, and begin to video themselves.  A third, older performer arrives and states that this sounds like some “awful, self-referential bullshit,” which they will be unable to carry off given their poor acting skills - “And you’ll say that in the show!” they tell him. Following the logic and possibilities of this premise leads into conversations about the motives for artistic production and the evolutionary mechanism of sexual selection.   They decide that the show’s title could refer to a space made between men to discuss the ‘elephants in the room’, and begin sharing uncomfortable or controversial stories from their lives. 

The show is based on a one-trick cabaret piece by Merry and Joe that inexplicably just kept on being funny. Why are we making a show? What makes a good show?  What if we just record ourselves having this conversation and then do that as the show? It may sound like some awful, self-referential navel-gaze but it leads into endless surprises, and tantalizing conversations about how men talk about what they want.
























"the finest self-referential bullshit you could ask for"
Broadway Baby ★★★★  

"comedy gold ... a forty-five minute shake-down of performance that leads you right up the proverbial garden path and straight into the man-shed.The Room In the Elephant keeps on giving and is full of surprises. The ending is a total hoot" - Total Theatre

"The talent of the cast and crew shines though, and what you get by the end is a fantastically structured, well-crafted comedy show, about making a comedy show" - A Younger Theatre

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