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Cat & Mouse are in collaboration with Chronyko creating immersive team building events for IT based clients. This is most exciting and cutting edge project C & M are doing up to date.  A complex storyline built around a variety of challenges designed by Chronyko takes the participants fo the event into a world of our making.  Usually comprising of several days in a certain location (usually a comfy hotel).

The participants are pushed in a variety of ways, having to work as team to complete challenges (including hacking, puzzles, escape rooms and bomb diffusel) rushing around on golf buggies, calming down mad knights lost in time, settling fueds with gangsters discovering moles in their midst.  The world knows no bounds (apart from budget!).

2018 we had 120 (non-disclosed) IT workers staying at a Marriot Hotel come together for their AGM.  Suddenly doors the conference swig open and they witness the violet arrest of their 'team builder'. They are then requisitioned by private security firm to investigate some malware, which lead participants to discovering a variety of shady characters in the Hotel they are staying in. Together through their investigation they interrogate suspects, witness shootouts, spot for snipers, we even had some participants creep across the hotel roof to rescue someone!  It is hugely fun for all involved and produces fantastic results for the clients company.

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