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DJs, gambling, comic book shop, cabernet and interactive performance... the Venus Lounge had it all.  

"All Hail Venus!"

Photos: Simon Pearson Wood
Photos: Simon Pearson-Wood

Venus Lounge is an immersive 1980s Sci Fi themed venue created for Boomtown Fair 2018.  Complete with Cantina bar, VIP lounge, Funk Bands,

As you entered the Venus Lounge, a trying-to-be-classy spaceport bar you are met by a variety of characters.  The Union of sex droids, the ACE Pilots, members of the church of Venus and Venus herself and her royal entourage... Venus runs her bar like a cult... All love her, she keeps the peace amongst the clans with her 'Church of Venus'.  She is a Goddess... a Messiah... we praise her.  Yet their are some who oppose her, some which want to topple her, jealousy runs deep in the Lounge.  Which side will you choose?  Pope Marvelouse, leader of church, does nightly baptisms.  The ACE pilots will take you on flight simulators. The droids (who have been freed from their slavery) will entice you.  And you can always visit the 'Estilos Comics'. 

Photos: Jess Balla @Ballawaves
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