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Charlie Brown's Speakeasy


Charlie Brown's Speakeasy is an immersive venue intertwined with a 1920's party, and in all set in an authentic recreation of a prohibition era bar. From the minute you enter you are a friend of Charlie's, immediately welcomed by the man himself. Once you're in maybe you'll get off lightly, watch some jazz and remain in the shadows. Or will you be enlisted by Jimmy the Fix to carry out missions for Charlie or taken by Silvio into the Barber Shop to help front Charlie's criminal goings on. From start to finish you are stolen into this dysfunctional mobs shady world, exposed to Charlie marrying off his brother, having run in's with the local police and eventually having the mob held at gunpoint, it's up to you to step in and prove whether or not you really are a friend of Charlie Brown's. 

Performed in a variety of ways: as a Venue at 'Boomtown Fair' & 'Brixton East' as walkabout a corporate gigs 'Badoo' 'Pfizer' or a one off Speakeasy set up for private parties.




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