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Bespoke Immersive Events

Embark on a spectrum of immersive team-building experiences tailored to your needs – from dynamic one-hour shows to expansive three-day weekends. Our skilled teams of actors craft interactive storylines, collaborating with tech experts to weave puzzles and clues into immersive learning experiences that propel your team towards a shared, transformative journey. Elevate your corporate cohesion with our unforgettable and customized events.

Professionals at play

  • Expertise in Immersive Entertainment: Benefit from our years of experience in delivering immersive entertainment solutions for corporate clients across industries.

  • Tailored Solutions: No two companies are alike, and neither are our events. Every detail is customized to suit your unique requirements.

  • Proven Success: Join a list of satisfied clients who have seen tangible results and heightened engagement through our immersive corporate events.


In 2019, we orchestrated a three-day adventure narrative for 120 (undisclosed) employees residing at the St Pierre Marriott Hotel during their AGM. Collaborating with our sister company, Chronyko, we curated an escapade with 12 actors and 10 tech wizards.


The participants were assigned the mission of investigating the potential acquisition of Dr. Moreton’s burgeoning Time Travel Company, Altereon. The suspense heightened when, abruptly, the conference doors swung open, revealing the comically violent arrest of one of our actors. This unexpected turn of events led the participants to unveil a myriad of shadowy characters within the hotel.


Together, they engaged in interrogations, bore witness to shootouts, kept an eye out for snipers, all culminating in a grand showdown at Caldicot Castle. The spectacle involved armored knights, 1920s gangsters, H.G. Wells, and even a DeLorean, delivering an unforgettable and immersive experience. - See video


Case Study - Romeo and Juliet for Badoo Xmas Party

Set in a St Mary’s Magdalene Church near Paddington, we were tasked with making Badoo’s xmas party more immersive. Using eight actors, we recreated key moments from the Shakespearean story, including a dance, the balcony scene and the famous Romeo and Juliet Mario Kart grand prix!!!

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