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How deep is your duff?

Helen Duff

Whip smart, stream of consciousness comedy from "master of shamelessly silly yet socially conscious clowning" (****BroadwayBaby) Helen Duff.

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Naive Dance Mastclass

Matt Rudkin

'Hilarious, bizarre and captivating' - The Latest Magazine ★★★★★

Phil Kay

Phil Kay Live

"Mesmerising headfuck Genius.." TimeOut London

Frankie Foxstone

Amy Gwilliam

“Frankie is unapologetically, hilariously cruel. She holds a mirror to our money-grabbing society in such a biting and refreshing way - you can’t quite believe what she’s gone and said out loud, but you can’t believe you keep laughing too. And you really want more.” Ailin Conant


Luke & Tom

The first step to having fun... is Stepdads.

Stupid Zoo

Paper Whale Theatre

Puppetry Show

When I was Zoro

Leo Mohr

It's a comedy about childhood.


Ana Psk



Tom & Simon

Tom and Simon met onstage at the infamous clown school École Philippe Gaulier during a performance of the Pinter anti-war sketch "Precisely".

Goodbye... I'm Leaving

Armando & Claudio

It's a contemporary version of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza but instead of fighting windmills, it's you the audience who are cast as the monsters.



"happy," "happiness," "unhappy", "harmony", "harmonious," "doctor," "fulfilled", fulfilment", "positive," "negative," "positivity," "negativity," "problem," "solution" and "lemon."

Copperdollar Studios Weekend!

Brighton Fringe Fringe Venue May 2018

Variety of clown, puppetry, stand and ​dance shows over the bank holiday weekend during the Brighton Fringe, May 2018.