"It’s hard to explain what makes Fake Hip Gnosis so entertaining; It’s creative, distinctive, and well worth taking a chance on."
- Fringe Guru ★★★★  

"A surreal mash-up between McKenna, The Blue Man Group and Monty Python, Fake Hip Gnosis lampoons the cult of self-help and self-improvement in an hour of slapstick and off the wall humour." - The Reviews Hub





























Trained in Dramaturgy at the Hamburg Institute of Stagecraft. His seminal work, 'Fluid in the Tube' has been widely distributed across Europe and
​the near East.


Came to extreme performance via the Californian judicial system. He caused a sensation at 
Documenta '14 with his site responsive solo, 'The Criminal Actor'.


A qualified
veterinary anaesthetist whose doctoral thesis, 'Theatre By and For Animals' was later adapted into the erotic novel, 'About Kantor: A Horse play'. 

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