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About the company

Cat & Mouse Theatre specialises in comic, dynamic and interactive theatre for 'green field' arts festivals and corporate training. We push the boundaries of immersive performance, moving beyond entertainment to expand peoples’ imaginations, solve problems and bond groups.

Based in Bristol since 2018.  We make a variety of weird funny stuff... Robot walkabout shows... interactive venues... immersive Team Building events... comedy puppet shows... kinetic installations... our project during lockdown number 3 is an online sci fi interactive film making show/game/creative play, where the participants create the work themselvs...

We're very nice... if your interested in our work get in touch!

Core Team:

Meredith Colchester is an experienced theatre and film maker. A regular collaborator with Matt Rudkin and Inconvenient Spoof and has performed with a range of immersive performance companies including YouMeBumBumTrain and Secret Cinema. He wrote and co-produced the award winning documentary Granny Project by Gallivant Films and has directed and edited numerous projects. His acting career has put him in over 20 film appearances and multiple interactive theatre shows, notably Basil Fawlty in the Faulty Towers Dinning Experience. 

Dave Lovatt is a writer, director, performer and teacher with 20 years of experience. He has created shows for Shangri La at Glastonbury, directed three shows for The Invisible Circus and is Director of Tank Theatre Company, supporting the creativity of young people in Bristol aged 15-26 with a focus on those from BAME backgrounds. 



Cat & Mouse founded in Brighton 2012 by Joe Mulcrone and Meredith Colchester. Initially working small scale providing interactive characters and small pieces of set for club nights 'Gypsey Disco', the company soon grew to be working with festivals 'Glastonbury' 'Boomtown fair' and companies 'Pfizer' 'Badoo' to rework entire spaces to a certain theme and fill it with performers, music and interactive elements to bring the space to life.

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