About the collective

We at Cat & Mouse are experts in the field of immersive interactive performance.

Cat and Mouse Theatre Company are a member of Outdoor Arts UK. We have been making interactive theatre for the last seven years.  


Brighton, Edinburgh, Carlisle, Fringes Vaults Festival. Hen & Chicken, London, 

Cat & Mouse wishes to push the boundaries of 'immersive performance' creating not just entertainment but interweaving games, expanding peoples imaginations, bonding groups together and solving problems.

While having worked, in stage theatre (see Room In The Elephant, Fake Hip Gnosis & Buddhism: Is it just for losers?) C&M predominantly work in creating immersive interactive events.

Founded by Joe Mulcrone and Merry Colchester Cat & Mouse collaborates with a variety of people, notably Amy Cooper, Coral Bevan & Matt Rudkin.

Alongside this work, Joe and Merry also began collaborating with Matt Rudkin of Inconvenient Spoof. The result of this collaboration has been 3 comedy shows. The 'intricate, intelligent comedy' Buddhism: Is it just for Losers?, The Room in the Elephant, 'the finest self-referential bullshit you could ask for' & Fake Hip Gnosis

Founded in 2012 by Joe Mulcrone and Merry Colchester. Initially working small scale providing interactive characters and small pieces of set for club nights 'Gypsey Disco', the company soon grew to be working with festivals 'Glastonbury' 'Boomtown fair' and companies 'Pfizer' 'Badoo' to rework entire spaces to a certain theme and fill it with performers, music and interactive elements to bring the space to life.




The Room in the Elephant


http://www.broadwaybaby.com/shows/the-room-in-the-elephant/705024 - Broadway Baby ****


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Charlie Browns Speakeasy


http://www.unilad.co.uk/music/is-boomtown-fair-the-maddest-festival-on-earth/ - UNILAD Feature on Boomtown 2015


Buddhism: Is it just for Losers?


http://www.fringeguru.com/reviews/brighton-2013/buddhism-is-it-just-for-losers.html - Fringe Guru ****


http://fringereview.co.uk/review/brighton-fringe/2013/buddhism-is-it-just-for-losers/ - Fringe Review ****





Alcon UK


“They were fantastic in supporting us across both events so please accept thanks from all of us at Alcon for a job well done.”