with Sussan

The Robot

The future has arrived and its name is Susann.  Hyperedyne Systems latest bot S.u.s.a.n.n. (Systematic Univeral Sentient Autonomous Neural Network) is packed with artificial intelligence and machine learning. For the first time in history, a truly interactive and sentient machine has been created. Built by a team lead by the brilliant (although Susann does not share this sentiment) Dr Moreton. Moreton is bringing Susann to meet the People from all walks of life so Susann can gain a greater understanding of the human condition. Susann is innocent, Susan is curious, Susan is going to ask you anything from what is fun? What is climate change? why is hair? Why do you dance? What is your favourite music? Why is gender?  Is Susann the saviour of humankind or the first of our robot overlords?  Children are fascinated joyous and intrigued as they finally get to meet a robot like the ones they have seen so many times on film and television. Adults are amused and bamboozled.  Everyone has seen hyper-intelligent robots in movies and on TV. Now you have the opportunity to actually interact with one.